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Graduate Education in Emergency Health Services


To the Potential Graduate Degree Candidate:

It is my pleasure to provide you with information relating to the graduate program in Emergency Health Services. All EHS courses are presented in the online format. Some courses in other departments for our Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine and Education tracks are offered at the UMBC and UMB campuses.

There are two ways to enroll as a graduate student in Emergency Health Services. The first method involves the process of application to become a degree candidate. That process is as follows:

1. Secure a catalog and application form; follow the directions on the application
supplying all required data and transcripts of record by the stated deadlines.

2. Click here to submit your application materials online. Be sure to have your letters of recommendation sent separately to: Dr. Rick Bissell, Department of Emergency Health Services, UMBC, Baltimore, MD 21250

Additionally, if your undergraduate GPA was below 3.2, you must secure an application for the Graduate Record Examination and schedule yourself to take the exam at the next convenient date, preferably prior to May for the Fall Semester entrance.

The second method of enrollment is the procedure for placement as an Advanced Special Student in UMBC’s graduate school. This simply means you wish to select a few credits or wish to enroll in course work before your formal application process is completed. Click here to access Non-degree student information.

If your desire is to seek only the Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management, click here for an application.

Any exceptions to the policies noted above must be discussed first with me.

The Graduate Program Coordinator, Renee Decker, can assist with general questions about the program and the application process.

We are happy to note your interest in our program, and hope you will be able to meet your objectives by including us in your educational goals.

Sincerely yours,

Richard A. Bissell, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director


(410) 455-3223 [ UMBC Department of EHS ]
(410) 455-2537 [ Graduate School Admissions ]
(410) 455-1000 [ General Information for UMBC ]