Financial Aid

We understand that the ability to fund your education is an integral part of the decision making part for many families below you will find some helpful links to financial assistance options. We highly encourage our students to apply to any and all scholarships they qualify for to reduce the cost of attendance: 

Emergency Health Services Scholarship:

Gary G. Rupert Scholarship Endowment
Deadline to Apply: June 15th
Eligible Students: Emergency Health Services Majors (any concentration) rising seniors

To apply to scholarships:

  1. You must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access your login portal.
  2. Complete the General Application;
  3. Once submitted, if applicable, you will be notified if you are eligible to apply for additional Apply-To Scholarships (see below).

Automatch Scholarships: Once you complete your General Application, you will be matched with scholarships for which you immediately qualify based on school reported data – no further action is required. All students who qualify will be automatched to these opportunities. Qualifying does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship only that you are now eligible to be considered for one.

Apply-To Scholarships: These are scholarships in which have an additional criteria beyond the General Application.
To see a list of scholarships that may need additional action on your part to receive consideration,

  1. Select “Recommended” under “Opportunities.”
  2. Submit any additional essays, recommendation letters, etc required for further consideration.

Award Amount: The number and award amount of scholarships are for general information purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of what you will receive if selected. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.


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