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Track I: EMS System Management (Administration, Policy, and Planning)

(Available via Distance Education or On Campus)


Program Description:

The EMS management program provides an ideal background of knowledge, strategies, and policy approaches that are important for students who want to work in the development, improvement, and management of organizations that provide emergency healthcare in a broad variety of settings and conditions. Students learn both the science and strategies for improving the delivery of EMS and similar emergency health services, as well as methods designed to provide continuous feedback to both management teams, public officials, and the populations that are served. We include foci on all stages, from training for post-event evaluation for situations that are common, as well as situations such as major disasters or extremely hazardous events. 


Required Core Courses (6 credits required)

  • EHS 360: Issues Analysis and Proposal Writing
  • EHS 640: Introduction to High Performance  

Methods Requirement Courses (6 credits required)

Students must complete the following:

  • A graduate-level statistics course from an accredited university

Choose one of the following: 

  • EHS 650: System Design and Contracting


  • EHS 652: Human-resource Development

Electives (18 credits total required)

Non-Thesis Program:
(15 Elective credits, at least one course from each group, and 3 Special Studies credits)

Thesis Program:
(12 Elective credits, at least one course from each group, and 6 Special Studies credits)
Group I Electives: Choose at least 1 of the following 
  • EHS 632: Disaster Health Services
  • EHS 641: EHS Law and Policy
  • EHS 642: Event Driven Resource Deployment
  • EHS 676: EHS Management of Reimbursement
  • EHS 691: Business Development
  • EDUC 602: Instructional Systems Development I
 Group II Electives: Choose at least 1 of the following 
  • EHS 609: Guided Introduction to EMS Research
  • EHS 633: Refugee Health Services
  • EHS 634: Disaster Mitigation
  • EHS 636: Disaster Response
  • EHS 637: Disaster Recovery
  • EHS 638: Disaster Preparedness
  • EHS 639: Catastrophic Disaster Prep. and Response
  • EHS 658: Materials and Fleet Management
  • EHS 699: Independent Study
  • EHS 700: Systems Practicum
  • EHS 720: Emergency Health Services Quality Management
  • EDUC 603: Instructional Systems Development II
  • EDUC 605: Adult Learner
  • EDUC 671: Principles of Training and Development
Group III Electives: Choose at least 1 of the following 
  • EHS 790:Research Product
  • EHS 799: Masters Thesis Research


Total Required Credits: 30

Download PDF version here: Track I: EMS System Management

For Degree requirements for students enrolled prior to 2016, please contact Renee Decker