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FALL 2017 Graduate Seminar Links

Graduate Seminar 9/27/2017:

Prof. Mike Taigman: A dialogue about the future of emergency health services; new opportunities, new responsibilities, barriers and challenges.

Graduate Seminar 10/04/2017 :
Prof. Diane Flint: Mission, vision and values: the backbone of emergency health services.

Graduate Seminar 10/11/2017:
Prof.  Jennifer Gray: Disaster recovery doctrine; where it came from, why it’s good, and what its limitations are.

Graduate Seminar 10/18/2017:
Dr. Rick Bissell: Emergency public health: What does it mean now, and in the future?

Graduate Seminar 10/25/2017:
Ryan Miller, BS, MS; Emergency Manager, Howard Co. MD: “The end of the NIMS Rainbow: Revisited”

Graduate Seminar 11/1/2017:
John Warchal, BS, MS, NRP, Maryland State Police: The importance of using analytical methods in emergency preparedness and response decisions.

Graduate Seminar 11/8/17:
Jeff Halverson, PhD, UMBC Department of Geography and Associate Dean of the Graduate School: Natural Disasters From A Geophysical And Human Geographical Perspective

Graduate Seminar 11/15/17:
Noor Abdel Rahman, Kara Buckmaster, Taylor Lutich: Women and children protection after disasters and mass migrations.

Graduate Seminar 11/29/17:
Prof. Jennifer Gray, MS: Writing for emergency management. Different types of writing for different situations/demands.

Graduate Seminar 12/13/17:
Prof. Diane Flint, MS, PhD Candidate: Public Policy vs Public Administration: What does it mean for us?