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ISD Certificate: Instructional Technology

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology (12 credits)

This certificate is designed for multi-media developers, instructional technologists, instructional designers and trainers interested in learning the latest multimedia and web-based development tools used to create computer and web-based instruction. These courses are designed for PC and Windows based software. It does not support MAC users.

  • EDUC 602: Instructional Systems Development I +
  • EDUC 681: Survey of Instructional Technology Applications *
  • EDUC 682: Instructional Technology Design and Development *
  • EDUC 683: Multi-Media Project Management *
Certificate In Instructional Technology Online Program Schedule
     602 602 602
     681 681 681
     682 682
     683 683
All courses online

*The Instructional Technology courses require students to purchase (or already own) Captivate software. The current semester’s Captivate version requirement may be found on the Textbooks and Materials page.

+ You must take an ISD section of the course to receive the certificate.


For more information, click here to go to the ISD website.