Minor in Public Administration/Policy

In conjunction with the Emergency Health Service Management degree, students may choose to complete additional classes in the Department of Political Science beyond the required EHS degree courses to obtain a Minor in Public Administration/Policy. Students must complete 18 credit hours for the Minor.

Students interested in this option must contact the Emergency Health Services Minor Advisor Dr. D. C. Flint

The following course work must be completed to be eligible for the minor.

Minor Requirements

  • Minimum 18 credits
  • Minimum grade of ‘C’ in courses applied to the minor
  • Students pursuing the Political Science, B.A. may share a maximum of 3 courses between the major and the minor

Require Courses  ( 15 credits)

Elective Course (3 credits)

Choose ONE 3-credit course from the following:

Total Credits Required for Minor: 18

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