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Art of Writing "Emergency Management" Style

Professional Writie Skills

November 29, 2017 11:08 AM

EHS Graduate Seminar 11/28/2017
SPEAKER: Instructor Jenn Ryan
TOPIC: Art of Writing in "Emergency Management" Style

Have you ever wondered about how and why the writing style in some areas of work is different from normal writing? Have you noticed that the people who know the writing style of a particular field are more likely to get professional-level jobs in that field?  Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) for the grad seminar, in which instructor Jenn Ryan Grey will help us learn the skills of writing in "emergency management" style.   Be there!

3pm-5pm, Sherman Hall Rm 305, or via Blackboard, using a new and improved camera technology. Need help logging in?  Please contact Kara Buckmaster at the above email for assistance, before 2:30p.


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