Dr. Lauren Clay

Dr. Lauren Clay

Current Projects:

CAREER: Bolstering Food System Resilience to Reduce the Human Impacts of Disasters
The focus of this Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program award is to advance the science of food environments and enhance the mitigation and adaptation of social and built environment systems to disasters by bolstering food security and the resilience of food systemsREAD MORE

Developing a Disaster Food Security Scale
This study looks at how we can better measure food insecurity following disasters – when you experience other barriers to food security besides not having enough moneyREAD MORE

National Food Access and COVID Research Team (NFACT) – New York

This study looks at the experience of New Yorkers with accessing food, the impact of COVID-19 on their households, and strategies used to cope and adapt. New York is one of 15 states contributing to the national NFACT teamREAD MORE

RAPID: Understanding Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry decisions ​& Weather Ready Research: Risk Messaging During Syndemics

This project seeks to understand how households made decisions about evacuating for Hurricane Laura amid COVID-19 risk and how local emergency managers made decisions about how to manage evacuation and shelters during the dual hazards of a hurricane and a pandemicREAD MORE

Developing a Culturally Relevant NAAN Food Security Scale

The goal of this project is to understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Native American community on meeting their individual and community food needs. Understanding the impacts will inform the development of a culturally relevant measure of food securityREAD MORE