UMBC Mini Job Fair / Meet and Greet

Starting March 2nd and running through April 27th, we will be holding our weekly UMBC Mini Job Fair Meet & Greet beginning at 1115 and running through 1430 hours (11:15 am-2:30 pm). Each Thursday, we will have up to three agencies/employers in our lobby on the third floor of Sherman Hall. To see who will be visiting us, click on the dates below.



Will be attending 4/27



On-campus parking is limited and regulated. You may find more information on the university’s website. Using the parking map, we are located in the southern aspect of the main campus and on the third floor in the west building of Sherman Hall. If you enter through the northwestern door, an elevator will take you right into the lobby area. As the current state of masking is dynamic, we refer you to our COVID-19 Response page for current requirements.